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Albinism is a condition some people and animals are born with. This condition is caused by a lack of pigment (colour) in their hair, eyes, and skin. A person or animal with albinism is called an albino, but people may prefer to be called a "person with albinism".

People with albinism usually have white or light blonde hair and very fair skin. Their eyes are blue, or rarely pink-ish. People with albinism do have some problems including bad vision and getting sunburn easily. All of these problems are because people with alibinism have little or no pigments in their eyes, skin and hair.[1]

Vision problems in albinism include nystagmus (irregular fast movements of the eyes), strabismus (where the eyes fail to balance) and refractory errors (like being near-sighted or far-sighted).

Albino animals are more easily seen and so may be attacked by predators. They lack the camouflage that the non-albino members of their species have. Also, where colour is a factor in mate selection, they may be at a disadvantage there, too.

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