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Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is the name given to a number of motor problems which usually result from damage done to the brain during early childhood. It is called cerebral palsy because the area of the brain that is damaged is the cerebrum. It can not be cured. Scientists are currently looking for a way to stop cerebral palsy from happening and to cure it. It is treated with therapies. The person affected often has trouble standing or walking. Those affected may also be partly paralysed. They may also suffer from other problems, such as learning difficulties, or mental retardation. There are several types of cerebral palsy. The most common type is spastic cerebral palsy. 1 in every 400 children in the UK has cerebral palsy.[1] Most people with cerebral palsy live for as long as people without it.[2] It was first identified by an English surgeon called William Little in 1860.

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