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Hepatitis C

New direct-acting antiviral drug therapies are a major advancement in the treatment of hepatitis C, with cure rates of more than 90% with 12 weeks treatment. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne disease which causes inflammation of the liver. There are more than 50,000 people with the Hepatitis C virus, although it is estimated only half are currently diagnosed.

Hepatitis C can remain asymptomatic for decades. If diagnosed early, a person is able to make lifestyle changes that may help delay the onset of serious complications, undertake treatment to cure the disease, and take steps to ensure that they do not transmit it to someone else.If left unchecked, 20-25% of infected individuals will develop cirrhosis of the liver, 3-5% of whom will develop liver cancer each year.Of the infected population, 50-60% remain undiagnosed and unaware of the risks associated with the disease.-

Who is at increased risk of hepatitis C?

People who are at increased risk of the Hepatitis C virus include those who have:

  • Ever injected drugs.
  • Ever received a tattoo or body piercing using unsterile equipment.
  • Had a blood transfusion before 1992.
  • Ever lived or received medical treatment in a high risk country
  • Ever been in prison
  • Been born to a mother living with Hepatitis C.

Medicines For Hepatitis C
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