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If you or a family member is vomiting, it is often because your body is trying to get rid of germs or some other toxin. Vomiting can be one-off or can continue for a while.

Causes of vomiting:

  • Virus or bacterial infection
  • Food poisoning
  • A reaction to medicines
  • Eating or drinking something poisonous
  • A problem in your bowel, like a blockage

Vomiting can also be a symptom of diabetes, heart attack or a disease in the brain. It is very common in pregnancy.


Continued vomiting, or repeated episodes, can lead to dehydration,which can be dangerous.If a friend or family member is dehydrated, the main sign will be very little (or no) urine being passed, or the urine being very dark and smelly.A useful test is to pinch some skin on their tummy or inner thigh. If it stays in the pinched shape after you let go, that is a clear sign of dehydration.

Medicines For Vomiting
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