Brumex Forte - For Sexual Problems

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The need for an Ayurvedic solution to the growing incidences of sexual incompatibility in family life leading to higher cases of disruption and divorce in the society has become most relevant and imperative.

A modified Classical composition, formulated and designed to address and assuage the increasing cases of sexual inconsistencies and non compliance among eligible married couples. Brumex forte is also suitable for sexual weakness and lack of confidence prevalent in the elderly group. Brumex forte is a unisex product ideal for the use of people from both Male and Female sexes.

The Unique formula comprising traditional wisdom of classical ayurveda combined with the strengths of modern research and technological excellence makes Brumex forte the safe and sure choice for the frustrated and depressed couples seeking a fulfilled family life with real marital bliss of mental, physical, and family contentment. Brumex forte seeks to correct the physical and psychological imbalances that lead to gaps in performance. A broad approach to attenuate the stress, tension , tiredness, etc and build confidence, competence, and capability for contented copulation is the strength of Brumex forte.

The highly effective formula of Brumex forte is composed of soft gel capsules prepared from:

Maharajaprasarini thailan as per the prescription from the authentic text of Bhaishajyaratnavali , comprising of one hundred herbal ingredients processed in eight different Yogavahi dravyams.

A potent base for a powerful and effective formula, using the bioenhancer effects of Bhavana, Snehapaka, and Ksheerapaka makes Brumex forte the very first choice.

Maharajaprasarini thailam with powerful vatahara effects, help to relieve vataja rogas involving neurological, muscular, circulatory, and ejaculatory complaints in Sex life of male patients. In the female, various yoni rogas like vaginal dryness , female frigidity, infertility and other problems are also relieved by this comprehensive combination.

Maharajaprasarini thailam by itself has excellent efficacy in sexual disorders.


Safed Musli 200 mg , an accepted adaptogen , aphrodisiac, erectogenic, and spermatogenic with antistress effects.

Classified as Brihmana and Vrushya by Ayurveda ,safed Musli has direct effect on Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Shukra and Medha dhatus.

Safed Musli helps in erectile and ejaculatory disorders whiles simultaneous improvement in sperm count and motility is seen.