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The Major Factors Which Cause Obesity Are:

Sedentary lifestyle
Dietary Facts
Conversion of Excess carbohydrate calories in to Fat & cholesterol.
An Ideal Obesity Management Medication Should Fulfill The Following Parameters:

This ayurvedic medicine should be safe so that it should not lead to other health complications. Medicine should address the issue of dietary fats- we have designed our 100% natural formula in such a way that most of the dietary fats may not be absorbed by the body. Our formulation retards the conversion of excess carbohydrate calorie in to fat & cholesterol and thus controlling obesity from carbohydrates.

Our Obesity Treatment Aims At:

Control obesity before your life get controlled by lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, PCOD, Infertility etc.

Treatment Results:

The results of our medications can be experienced in 45 - 60 days of treatment. ie Control Obesity @ 3 to 4 kgs in 45 days frequency in most of the patients. However it may take 2 months to initiate the weight reduction

Duration Of Treatment:

6 months for an average weight reduction of 10 to 12 kgs . Medication can be continued further for more weight reduction as it is very Safe.

NB: Exercise, walking and moderate dieting may enhance the results.
Cost Of Therapy For 60 Days Rs-2400.00(Inclusive Of All Taxes).
Appropriate rates will be charged extra if the patient needs additional medicines for other indications.

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