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  • A fast effective herbal formula that removes excess fat and cholesterol from body naturally, making it look healthy and attractive.
  • It is a mixture of pressed juices of Garlic, Pomegranate, Boerhavia leaves, Radish, Malabar Tamarind etc., which are scientifically proven as reducing excess fat and cholesterol.
  • Besides acting on excess fat, it reduces muscle pain in arms and legs.


  • Appetite Control
  • Minimises Storage of Fat
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Enhances Energy Levels 
  • Reduces abnormal fat deposits
  • Makes fat available for consumption by body.


For first 10-15 days, 3 tablets together on empty stomach with warm water one hour before breakfast or as directed by physician.  After that 2 tablets together in same manner. If you are too obese, higher dosage may be needed. Continue treatment at least for 3 months.

Feeding mothers must avoid SBM Fat free until baby starts taking solid food.

Children below 10 years : 2 tablets with warm water on empty stomach, one hour before breakfast or as directed by physician. 

Diet Control : Avoid sugar and oil fried items while taking SBM Fat Free tablets. Continuous six months treatment may be needed to reduce obesity due to hormonal imbalances and allergic reaction of Allopathic medicines.  


Information as Efficacy of Fat Free                                 

1.       According to body constitution result of an Ayurvedic medicine varies from person to person.

See below chart:

Within 1 Month

%of Human                         25-30%                    55-60%                10%                          5%

Average Weight Loss         <5kg                      <2-3kg                  <1kg                      No Result

2.       This is based on result of clinical studies conducted through Doctors of SBM AYUR clinics in last 10 years.

3.       Fat Free reduces bad cholesterol level in 95% of cases.

4.       Result varies according to climatic and food conditions.

Allium sativum Reduces body weight, body fat mass, LDL Cholesterol
Coccinia indica Stimulates weight loss, Enhances good cholesterol, Balances high blood pressure
Dolichos biflora Diuretic, Astringent
Punica granatum Stimulates weight loss, Boosts Immunity
Garcinia indica Reduces excess fat & LDL cholesterol
Boerhavia diffusa Stimulates weight loss, Removes toxins from body, Diuretic, Rejuvenate body cells
Curcuma longa Balances cholesterol, Removes toxins, Antiallergic
Murraya koenigii Reduces LDL cholesterol, Enhances HDL ‘good cholesterol’, Rich in antioxidants
Raphanus sativus Diuretic, Removes excess water from tissues

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