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Continuous exposure to sun, dust, medications, age and of course your carelessness kill your appearance. And dry skin is prone to many skin related ailments. Having the right kind of treatment for your skin is important. The best option would be to moisturize your skin along with active ingredients that nourish, protect and repair your damaged skin. Indulekha complete skin care oil is a unique, safe and completely natural new formula with herbs and organic extracts.

Indulekha complete skin care oil contains therapeutic properties of coconut milk, almond and aloe vera, which improves complexion offering smoothness and clear tone to the texture. Indulekha is a protein rich, natural skin care processed by unique cold processing technology. Its lesser viscosity helps to break in rapidly through outer layer of the skin. Anti-oxident components in it enrich the skin tone safe guarding the outer skin. It’s proven highly effective against stretch marks, wrinkles and pimple.

Cytokinin in coconut milk extract has an anti-aging property for wrinkled skin treatment. It improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles and thus makes your skin supple and soft. Almond extract in Indulekha promotes a clear young looking complexion.


  • For Normal Skin & Oily Skin: Apply, 15 minutes before bath.
  • For Dry Skin: Apply within 1 minute after bath when the skin is damp.
  • For Extremely Dry Skin: Apply, 15 minutes before bath and within 1 minute after bath.
  • For best results: Apply a generous amount of oil to the skin and keep it overnight.
  • It’s applicable under all climatic conditions.

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