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Cholesterol - QR

Dissolves the blocks in the arteries.Cholesterol-QR is available in all leading pharmacies in U.A.E

Treatment - Cholesterol-QR 16 bottles for 100 days

Tablets: Per bottle / 100 tablets

Dosage - 4 tablets 4 times daily And CFS-QR Tablet 4 bottles for 50 days 2 tablets 4 times daily

Cholesterol-QR is also extremely useful to those who have already done bypass surgery. They will be able to lead a normal healthy life free from chest pain and other physical restrictions. And a piece of advice to those who have had a heart attack and are waiting for bypass surgery is to try this medication for a period of 50 days prior to taking a final decision regarding the necessity of a bypass surgery. If one opts to continue with our medication the veracity of our claim can be judged by having an ECG, TMT or Angiogram after another 100 days and see the transformation that has taken place.

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