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Our Cholesterol Treatment Aims At:

Lower Cholesterol by using 100% natural formula based on Ayurveda.
Control dietary Cholesterol
Control endogenous Cholesterol
Normalizes Triglycerides
Reduce the level of Homocysteine
Reduce the risk of drug induced side effects like diabetics and other complications
Strengthen cardiac muscles
Reduce the dosage of Allopathic medicines month after month
Control Obesity
Offer a safer solution against the High Cholesterol

Treatment Results:

The results of our treatment can be experienced in 30 to 45 days. Improvement in health can be monitored by your own physician or can have consultation with our physicians.

Duration Of Treatment:

5 to 8 months. However monitoring of disease conditions may be continued with your family physician.

Cost Of Therapy For 30 Days

Rs. 624.00 + Rs.100.00 towards courier charges. (Inclusive of all taxes). But appropriate rates will be charged extra if the patient need additional medicines for other indications.

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