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Dhathri WinSmart


  • An ayurvedic family nourisher.
  • Increases new protein synthesis in brain cells.
  • Enhances memory power and intelligence.
  • Increases protein kinases activity.
  • Gives health and vitality.
  • Enhances immune system.
  • WINSMART has ayurvedic medicines that enhance memory power, the power of brain, the immune system, total health and vitality.
  • Best for students for enhancing memory power, disease resistance power, total health and vitality.
  • Removes toxins & fats from the body resulting their reduced absorption.
  • Promotes appetite & helps in digestion.
  • General tonic.
  • Highest content of vitamin C.
  • Stimulates the stomach.
  • Memory enhancer & mental rejuvenator.


Brahmi, Nellikka, Shankhupushpam, Erattimadhuram, Kudangal, Vayambu, Vizhaalari, Cherupunnayari, Thannikka, Kalkandam, Kadukka, Amukkaram, Paalmuthukku, Pepper, Cloves, Thulasi.

Directions for Use

Put 2 spoons of Winsmart in a glass of milk and drink it in the morning and evening.

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