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Dhathri Scar Cream

Dhathri Scar Cream, a 100% herbal additive is safe and effective preparation for lightening skin colour. Dhathri Scar Cream helps to remove skin blemishes and pigmentation and gives an even colour tone. Dhathri Scar Cream helps for rejuvenation of skin and makes the skin smooth, soft and healthy. Dhathri Scar Cream can be used for the scars due to Pimple Mark, Dark Circle, Stretch Mark, Sunburn, Cut and wound mark, etc.

Mechanism of action of Dhathri Scar Cream

The active ingredients present in Scar cream has a regenerative property that has been proven to be effective on human skin has shown to be a wonder cream for scar prevention and scar healing. It controls collagen production, triggers cell communication and binding, serves as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-itch agent. It also deeply moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy during the healing process. The increased cell communication enables the body to identify and break down damaged cells, including those that form scar tissue. Therefore, acne scar removal happens when scar tissue cells are broken down and what is left are the elements needed to rebuild and restore healthy new cells and beautiful skin.

Indication/ Uses

  • Skin blemishes and pigmentation.
  • The scars due to Pimple Mark, Dark Circle, Stretch Mark, Sunburn, Cut and wound mark.

Usage Pattern

  • Dhathri Scar Cream is an Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine.
  • Determine if your scar is old or new. New scars respond better to Dhathri Scar Cream and do not need to have applications made as long as existing scars do. Wait until the wound has healed over or your stitches have been removed before beginning to use Scar Cream.


  • Squeeze a small amount of Dhathri Scar Cream out of the tube and rub it over the scar in a very thin layer in the morning. Repeat step in the evening and night. This will yield three applications per day. Repeat every day.
  • Apply Dhathri Scar Cream to new stretch marks as directed that are still bright pink or brown. Repeat daily for three to six months on existing scars. Stretch marks that have become set and turned pale will not respond. Or as directed by a Physician

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