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Today the treatment in Piles is focused either on Surgery or using laxatives which only provides a temporary solution to the problem. That is the reason patients get recurrence of disease even after spending lot of money. Ayurveda provides reasonably effective treatment in Piles. But most of the time laxatives are also co prescribed to overcome the constipation part of the disease. Some Ayurveda preparations also contain "bhasams" in the formula which cannot be continued without medical supervision of a Physician , if not can lead to heavy metal toxicity. We at life style solutions provide a holistic approach in the management of Piles.

Our Constipation And Piles Treatment Aims At:

Control both Primary and Secondary (bleeding) Piles.
No need of co prescription of laxatives.
Free from heavy metals and very safe.
100% natural extracts.

Treatment Results:

The results of our medications can be experienced in 30 days of treatment.

Duration Of Treatment:

2 - 3 months
Cost Of Therapy For 90 Days Rs. 1980.00 (Inclusive Of All Taxes).
Appropriate rates will be charged extra if the patient needs additional medicines for other indications.
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