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Ulcer, Acidity & Gas trouble are the most common problem prevails in our society. It is a lifestyle disorder and it is mainly due to untimely food, consumption of Alcohol, usage of Allopathic medications especially pain killers like steroids and non-steroids etc. it is proved beyond doubts that endogenous prostaglandins plays important role in maintaining a healthy gastric mucosa. But the contradiction is that usage of painkillers continuously disturbs the PGE1 which leads to gastric irritation subsequently Acid Peptic Disorders. But most of Allopathic treatment are focused at suppression of Gastric acid (HCL) which is being produced by our body to help digestion. When we try to suppress gastric acid using medication body try to produce it more. That is the reason patient experience severe symptoms once they stop medicines.

Our Acidity And Gas Trouble Treatment Aims At:

Strengthens gastric mucosa.
Reduce the dosage of Allopathic medicines (Acid suppressants) like Ranitidines, Omiprazole, Pantaprazol ect.

Treatment Results

The results of our medications can be experienced in 3 - 4 weeks of treatment. Based on the improvement in symptoms patient has to continue medication for 2 - 3 months.

Duration Of Treatment:

2 - 3 months.

Appropriate rates will be charged extra if the patient needs additional medicines for other indications.