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Physical and mental stress, tension, chronic diseases heavy smoking, irregular food habits, alcoholism, tobacco consumption etc., can lead to various sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED), Premature ejaculation, oligospermia, loss of libido, frigidity in men and women. Urja Bio-Sciences brings you Balovitta Hi-Power Energy Capsules as a solution to the sexual dysfunctions faced by both men and women. It is absolutely safe, no side effects and can be used by men and women of all age groups as a rejuvenating energy and health supplement. Balovitta as a Libido Enhancer: Balovitta Hi-Power Energy Capsules is a non hormonal reliable and safe sex stimulant which helps improve libido and desire for sex. Balovitta Improves erection by increasing Penile blood flow and effective in resolving erectile dysfunction (E.D) of various etiologies, It restores confidence and alleviates performance related anxiety and tension. It relieves stress and tension in busy day to day life, It helps improve and maintain erection and ensures satisfactory coitus , It improves sperm count, motility and quality of sperm, sperm viability and semen viscosity that can cure impotence. Balovitta Regulates the process of ejaculation and controls premature ejaculation. Prolonged use helps to overcome this embarrassin. It exhibits significant anti-oxidant activity