Neelibringhadi Thailam- Ayurveda hair oil

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Neelibringhadi Thailam- Ayurveda hair oil for long and lustrous hair

One of Ayurveda's treasures, this hair oil is blended with Neelini (Indigo), Bhringaraja and other botanicals in pure coconut oil to penetrate deep into your scalp, nourishing the roots of hair and cool your head. All-in-one in treatment for reducing hair fall and premature graying of hair. Regular use can restore vibrancy to your hair. Our Neelibhringadi has a unique rich colour and higher potency as it is prepared in small batches for a perfect blend that includes a combination of the milks of cow, goat, buffalo and coconut.

Neelini or indigo a natural hair dye is  a  kapha vata shamka herb prevents premature greying and promotes hair growth.

Bhringaraja or eclipta is a  popular Ayurvedic herb known as King of hair  helps in hair regrowth and combat hair loss.It improves blood circulation and provides nutrients to your scalp making your scalp nourished and prevents hair loss. The presence of β-sitosterol in Eclipta help to rebuild hair in androgenic alopecia.        
Amla or Indian Gooseberry  is loaded with Vit c and Antioxidants to strengthen and nourish  the hair follicles to promote hair growth. Vit C in Amla helps producing collagen protein which stimulates hair growth .Amla  nourish, strengthen and condition the hair making it shiny and adds volume to the hair. Amla helps balancing all the three vitiated doshas .                                           
Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants helps nourish the scalp and penetrates the cuticle of the hair and prevent dryness, splitting and thinning  of hair .  Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which helps in penetrating the cuticle and strengthens the hair. The coconut oil imbibes the  qualities  of herbs used in the preparation of the oil .                                                                                 
Yastimadhu or Liquorice helps in balancing the vitiated Vata Pitta doshas which is the causative factor for Hair loss ,It helps soothe scalp irritation, infections, and dandruff.

Milks - The milks used in Oil  are rich in proteins that keeps your hair healthy ,strong and moisturized.

Traditional recipe enriched with Neeli (Indigo) Bringaraj to reduce hair fall and to regress premature graying.

A time-tested recipe for healthy hair.

Traditional formula free from parabens, paraffins, synthetic colors and fragrance