Viaguard Capsules for Post Covid Patients

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Viaguard Capsules

Viaguard Capsules Alkalize Ph of Blood and Lymphatic Fluid

Viaguard Capsules offers solid support to "Post Covid Patients" in overcoming wheezing, dizziness, palpitation, cough, respiratory infections, digestive disorders etc.

Viaguard Capsules contains dietary supplements which ensures the objective response as Alkalise our body.

Viaguard Capsules regulates digestion, absorption, assimilation.

Viaguard Capsules contains the extracts of Adhatoda vasica, Benincasa hispida, Zingiber officinali, Tinospora cordifolis swertia chirala, curcumin, Garlic.

Present dietary practice is the key in altering the Ph level of our body from Alkaline to Acid and in turn after the equilibrium of Tridoshas, i.e Vata, Pitha, Kapha and these imbalances leads to most of the lifestyle disorders.

Viaguard Capsules empowering our immune system, alkalize our body and restores the equilibrium.

Rx Viaguard Capsules as solid support to chronic disorders like mouth ulcers (stomatitis), Halitosis, recurrent viral infections, multiple sclerosis, cancer, respiratory infections.

Dosage: Viaguard capsule 2-0-2 in empty stomach for 5-10 days followed by 1-0-1 for a month.

One Unit 100 Capsules