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Heart diseases are common in people with diabetes. Data from the National Heart Association shows 65% of people with diabetes will die from some sort of heart disease or stroke. In general, the risk of heart disease death and stroke are more than twice as high in people with diabetes.

ZERO BLOCK X is especially crafted for diabetic people to reduces their heart risk or prevent from heart diseases. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients such as Terminalia Arjuna, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger extracts and Lemon. It improves blood circulation. Enhances the blood flow by disintegrating the blockages and strengthening the blood vessels of the heart and other blood vessels.

How to Take

ZEROBLOCK X has to be taken early morning, just after you wake up, before consuming anything. You will get a measuring cup along, of which you have to take up to15 ml mark i.e. 1 tablespoon full. Daily repetition of the same till at least 3 months, may give positive results on your heart wellness.

Who can take ZEROBLOCK X

Patients diagnosed with heart blockages, high cholesterol, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

People who care for their heart health and want to prevent heart attacks and cardiac problems in future.

Patients suffering from constipation, ulcers, heavy weight, obesity and respiratory issues.

People who are aware of power of ayurveda and naturopathy and want to live a healthier life, blessed by nature.